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Whee! [11 Nov 2003|09:03pm]
Like I said in my userinfo, this journal is really just to put up my icons that I work on when I'm feeling bored, depressed, or whatever ^^; It's just my way of distracting myself, I guess...when I have the time to :)

I probably won't be making icons of a specific genre or something...but I probably will be making a lot of anime and movie icons ^_^ But, I'm always open for requests when I have the time and patience for them :) Just comment in the request entries that I post up :D

Oh, and yes...this journal IS friends only...why? Because I need to know who's using my icons (if anyone does o_o;). So, if you want to see the icons, just add me to your friends' list then comment and I will add you as soon as I possibly can :)

Please read my userinfo BEFORE requesting to be my friend and make sure that you're okay with everything :) Thanks ^_^ *waves*

And if you just disregarded my whole message here...then please just stare at the little banner underneath...it sort of sums up everything...sort of o_O;

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